House in Bushes on Real Estate

Go Green in more ways than one!

Not only can you enjoy the bushes, there's probably lots of wildlife wandering around in there too.  Also, this takes environmentally friendly insulation to a whole new level!



House needing repairs

Nice little getaway just needing your personal touches! 


Lean back and enjoy this property, the geese certainly have!  Lots of personality here and it looks just plain comfy.  Could probably use some window treatments.


Homes should reflect warmth, and this one captures that effect completely.


Nice Vacation getaway bungalow.  Sit on the porch and enjoy the pleasant breezes!




Designed for those who truly want to enjoy the outdoors. Home has air conditioning and all appliances are included!




Great Business Opportunity!  Wide variety of inventory in this "sure to sell soon" retail establishment.  Store Name may be purchased as a separate transaction.


Handyman's Special!  Cosmetic improvements can mean lots of equity fast! Yard sale items already in place; all you do is price 'em...


This home is for the person who likes to just "hang around".  Includes covered "play area" for Squash games.


This home sits next door to the "Handyman's Special", and is designed for the person who desires to "move right in". The delightful property has no pretenses, and can be enjoyed immediately.  The property is very low maintainance and with the new owner doing nothing will retain its current value in the foreseeable future...


Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of American memorabilia!  This 1930's design Motor Court with Cabins demonstrates the sturdiness of the now forgotten era, located just 2 miles off the freeway by-pass.  Access exit/entrance is 25 miles north or south.  Watch for signs...

Please be sure and visit this special page from time to time.  I will add additional jewels as I find them...